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What You Need To Know

There are many kinds of different home care, and Agua Cristalina will develop a custom-tailored plan to fit the needs of your loved one, as outlined above. However, most home care services can be categorized into one of three types of care.

The Different Types Of Home Care

Companion care is usually preferred for older family members who wish to maintain their independence, but may have some trouble conducting basic, everyday tasks due to advanced age, disability, or a number of other conditions.

Companion caregivers usually spend part of their day with your loved one, helping them perform basic tasks such as meal preparation, cooking, basic errands and administrative tasks, and shopping.

If your loved one is in good health, but struggling to maintain their independence, companion care is a great solution. Agua Cristalina will provide your loved one with the services they need to maintain their independence, and maintain their current standard of living.

Companion care is especially useful if your loved ones are no longer living near you – it provides you with a fantastic way to ensure they’re safe and comfortable, and take care of their needs, even if you are unable to provide care yourself.

Personal care is typically more intensive than companion care. Personal care services include all of the same services included with companion care, but caregivers may help with additional tasks such as hygiene assistance, medical needs, and medication reminders.

Personal care allows you to provide your loved one with the same services that they would receive at a managed care facility, while allowing them to maintain their independence, and continue living at home.

This makes personal care a great choice for older loved ones who have serious disabilities or medical conditions, but still want to continue living in their own home, and maintain their independence. A customized personal care plan allows them to get the help they need to stay safe in their home, and have all of their needs taken care of without the disruption of moving to a managed care facility such as a nursing home or retirement community.

Respite care can involve aspects of both companion care and personal care. Typically, respite care is delivered on a temporary basis, and is designed to relieve family caregivers who may have been the primary care providers for an aging loved one.

Respite care services can be employed for an extended period of time to allow family members to have a much-needed break. Respite care can also be provided on a regular basis – such as on weekends – to relieve the burden on family caregivers.

By understanding these different types of home care, you can better understand the needs of your loved ones, and select the type of care that’s appropriate for them.

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